About Moudry

Moudry Rx-Compounding Pharmacy is a full service compounding pharmacy that works with prescribers and patients to customize prescription medications throughout Minnesota. Moudry’s, a well-recognized and trusted name in pharmacy, has served the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro areas since 1929.

About Moudry

We compound medication & dosage forms for both humans and animals. Moudry Rx-Compounding Pharmacy believes that every patient has unique needs and individual symptoms. We customize medication to address specific medical ailments. Some of our specialties include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, pain management, thyroid imbalance and veterinary preparations. Moudry’s offers consultations that encompass everything from lifestyle and hormone irregularities to adrenal fatigue. We have state of the art equipment, experience and knowledge, which allow us to provide the best pharmaceutical care for our patients.

Our Vision

Provide personalized solutions to improve and maintain patient health and well-being.

Our Mission

Moudry Rx-Compounding Pharmacy provides patient-centered care using advanced knowledge, techniques and quality pharmaceutical ingredients. We respect the patient-physician-pharmacist relationship to assure customized care and positive outcomes.